Introduction to 1 & 2 Corinthians – Part VI

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Sermon Notes

God’s wisdom for His Church, which lived(es) amidst a prosperous, arrogant and aggressively rebellious culture, yet is commanded by God to become and remain holy (moral and separate).

Major Themes/Controversial Interpretive Challenges/Biblical Success

  • Corrective of the Church/Development of Church Order
  • Right Doctrine/Thinking for Right Practice and for Right Worship
  • Emphasis on Teaching and Training the Church
  • Gospel Development
    • Cross-Centered – Jesus Christ Crucified
    • Heeding God’s Wisdom rather than Fallen Human Wisdom
    • Against the Teachers of the Law
    • Against the Philosophers of the Age/Times
    • Scandal of the Gospel
      • Jews – Impossibility of a Crucified Messiah
      • Gentiles/Greeks – Substitutionary Atonement/Death and Bodily Resurrection
  • Sacrament of the Lord’s Table – Especially the Presence and Activity of God
  • Centrality of the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ for the Gospel and for Hope – One of the Most Developed Understandings
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit and their Function
  • God’s Sovereignty – Power and Authority
  • Godly Love, Contrasted Against Fallen Human Love
  • Transformation of the Saved Life in Christ – Sanctification and the Ongoing Validity of God’s Moral Law and Christian Liberty
  • Celibacy/Marriage/Separation/Divorce/Remarriage/Widowhood
  • Substitutionary Atonement
  • Fallen Man’s Judgment and God’s Judgment of Believers
  • The New Covenant, in Relationship to the Old Covenant – One of the Most Developed Understandings
  • Ministry – Service of Self-Sacrificial Suffering, Amidst Divine Comfort, for God’s Glory/God’s “Ordinary” Use of the Weak
  • Ministerial Success – The Church/The Minister/The Believer – Obedience in Faith and Faithfulness and Joy and Contentment and Love amidst Great Suffering and Sacrifice to God’s Glory (just like Jesus Christ) – Godly Love with an Undivided Heart after God’s Own Heart