Introduction to 1 & 2 Corinthians – Part V

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Sermon Notes

God’s wisdom for His Church, which lived(es) amidst a prosperous, arrogant and aggressively rebellious culture, yet is commanded by God to become and remain holy (moral and separate).

Church at Corinth (VISIBLE)

  • False Converts in the Visible Church
  • Worldly Like the Culture
  • Desirous of a Worldly King/Kingdom (Health/Wealth/Power/Praises of Men)
  • Sanctification Not Understood/Valued/Prioritized/Practiced – Liberty Taken for Presumption & License
  • Immaturity of Doctrine & Practice
  • Church Not Highly Developed in Organization, Leadership, Discipleship & Discipline Despite the Quality & Duration (18 months) of Discipleship through Paul
  • Disunity
  • Very Much Like the Visible Church Today